2000W 48V Wind Generator Charge Controller

2000W 48V Wind Generator Charge Controller

2000W 48V Wind Generator Charge Controller, Waterproof IP67

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1. Functions
飦燱ind Controller can make AC input Wind Turbine to DC output.
飦營n order to protect the wind turbine and battery, the controller will make the wind turbine brake when the battery is full charged. When the voltage become low, the wind turbine recovery the charging with the battery.
飦燣ed indicators are used to show the status of the system.
飦燱aterproof body, protection grade up to IP67.
飦燱ide range working temperature, -35鈩冿綖70鈩.
2. Notice
飦燤ake sure the rated output voltage of the wind turbine same with the rated voltage of the battery.
飦燱hen test, please make sure connect the controller to wind turbine and battery at the same time, otherwise controller will be broken.
飦燙onnect in order: Connect with the battery first, then connect with the output wires of the wind turbine.
飦燙onnect with the battery correctly. The 鈥+鈥漮f the controller with the 鈥+鈥 of the battery, the 鈥-鈥漮f the controller with the 鈥-鈥 of the battery.
3. Indicator Lamps
飦燝reen light锛圠eft锛: Battery Connection Indicator. When the battery is connected correctly, the green light will be on.
飦燝reen light锛圡iddle锛: Wind Turbine Charge Indicator. When getting the output from the wind turbine, the light will flash. The rotate speed of the wind turbine become bigger, the green light will flash faster.
飦燫ed light锛圧ight锛: Wind Turbine Brake Indicator. When the wind speed is too big or the battery is full charged, the controller will make the wind turbine brake to protect the system.


Model Number 2000W48V
Rated Battery Voltage 48
Rated Wind Turbine Power 2000W
Brake Voltage 60V
Recovery Voltage 54V
Max Input Current 40A
Display LED (3 PCS)
Dimension 150mm脳130mm脳50mm
Quiescent Current 鈮15聽mA
Protection Gra

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