400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller ,12V/24V Automatically Distinguish

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1.Product features
飦琈PPT technology to optimize using the wind energy. (Optional)
飦珺oost circuit designed. User can set this voltage parameter. (Optional)
飦12V/24V System automatic recognition function. (Optional)
飦珺e able to use for 200W-600W wind turbine with high compatibility.
飦珼igital design锛宮odule structure, stable and reliable.
飦珼ual-line output, light sensor and timer functions, morning lighting,constantly output 24hours.
飦琔ser can adjust setting of system parameters as voltage protection point,聽聽 boost voltage, light sensor voltage, timer. and so on.


2.Protection Functions
飦琒olar cells reverse charging, solar cells anti-reverse connection.
飦珺attery over-charging, over-discharge, battery anti-reverse connection.
飦琌ver-load, load anti-reverse connection and load short circuit protection
飦琖ind turbine current and voltage limited, rotation limited and brake.


3.Performance Parameters

3.1 Wind generator control set-up definition:

Rated Wind Turbine Power (12v/24v) 聽聽聽聽 200W-600W
Wind Turbine brake vol. (12v/24v) 15Vac / 30Vac (be adjustable)
Wind Turbine brake current 23A

14.2 Solar panel set-up definition

PV power Max. (12v/24v) 150W / 300W
PV open circuit voltage Max. (12v/24v) 24.0V / 48.0V
PV charge current Max. 12.5A

14.3 Battery management definition

Over-discharge Vol. 锛12V/24V锛 10.5V / 20.0V adjustable
Over-discharge Recovery Vol. (12V/24V锛 12.0V / 24.0V adjustable
Over-charge Vol.锛12V/24V锛 15.0V / 30.0V adjustable
Float charge vol. 锛12V/24V锛 14.0V / 28.0V adjustable
Over-charge Recovery Vol.锛12V/24V锛 13.5V / 27.0V adjustable

14.4 Output Set-up function:

Each Line Output Current rating 5A
Each Line Output rated Power (12V/24V) 60W / 120W
Dusk and dawn threshold vol. ( VsTH) default : 6.0V adjustable

14.5 Product Conventional parameter

Display LCD with backlight
Self-consumption 鈮30mA (backlight turn-off)
Temperature-compensation coefficient -35mV/鈩 聽 (25鈩 ref.)
Ambient temp. range -30鈩 to +55鈩
Store temp. range -35鈩 to +80鈩
Humidity range 10% – 90% 聽 (NC锛
Altitude work 鈮2000 meters
Protection class IP55
Data-transfer port RS232 (Optional)

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