400W PWM Wind Solar Hybrid Controller

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Production Feature

♠ Exclusive use of three-phase soft brake technology within the industry, protect wind turbine more perfectly.

♠ Menu-driven operation, no manual, can directly manipulate, simple and easy to understand.

♠ Over-speed protection of the wind turbine, the turbine can effectively self-protection in windy conditions, to extend the life of the entire system.

♠ Temperature display, real-time monitoring controller operating environment.

♠ Integration of multiple voltage, current, power meter, real-time monitoring of various parts of the electrical parameters.

♠ Warranty 2 years, better service for end customers and integrators.

♠ The majority parameters of the system can be set by user, designed with flexibility better adapt to different systems.


Technical Parameter:

Model 400W 400W
Rated Voltage 12V 24V
Battery maximum current 30A 30A
Rated Power of Solar panels 150W 300W
Voltage of Power on 1V(adjust able) 2V(adjust able)
Voltage of Power off 2V(adjust able) 4V(adjust able)
Rated Power of Wind Power 400W 400W
Maximum Speed of Wind turbines 100~2000r /min(adjust able)
Series of Wind turbines 6~35(adjust able)
Time of brake renewing of Wind turbines 10min ~60min (adjust able)
Float charging voltage 14V (adjust able) 28V (adjust able)
Charge return voltage 12.5V (adjust able) 25V (adjust able)
Over-discharge protection voltage 10V (adjust able) 20V (adjust able)
Over-discharge recovery   voltage 11V (adjust able) 22V (adjust able)
Compensation factor of Charging temperature


2mV/℃/2V(adjust able)


4mV/℃/2V (adjust able)


Maximum current 10A (could be designed)
Load Output(two independent outputs) Normally closed 、normally open、light-control、time-control、light& time-control
Load output Current 10A
Load output period 1~15hour(adjust able)
Ambient temperature -20~+55℃
Storage temperature -30~+65℃
Operating humidity range 35~85%RH(no condensation)
Elevation Altitude ≤5500 M
Case size 127mm*150mm*75mm
Case material


Milky/Black paint
Protection function Solar reverse charge& connection protection, Battery over charge, over discharge , reverse connection protection, Lightning protection ,Wind turbine over speed ,current limiting, automatic brake and manual brake

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