400W Wind/Solar Hybrid Controller

400W Wind/Solar Hybrid Controller

400W Wind/Solar Hybrid Controller (Max 600W Wind, Max 300W Solar), 12V/24V Auto Distinguish, Auto Brake and Manual Brake

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1.1:聽The Batteries:
1.1.1:聽Battery over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection,聽anti-reverse protection, short circuit protection;
1.1.2:聽Battery voltage 12 V \ 24 V automatic identification;
1.1.3: The battery charging temperature compensation function, and automatic identification whether sensors are online features;
1.1.4: The fuse short circuit protection, and the fuse is built-in but can be changed;
1.2: Solar panels:
1.2.1: Anti-reverse function, and night-time anti-recoil function.
1.2.2: Unique series connected type charging loop, compared with ordinary diode, reduces nearly half of the voltage drop , and effectively improves the efficiency of solar charging ;
1.2.3: Pulse modulation charging, according to the battery voltage automatically adjust the charging pulse width, and effectively extend the service life of the battery;
1.3: The Wind turbines:
1.3.1: Manual braking and automatic braking function (can customize the wind turbines speed protection function).
1.3.2: PWM brake design, so that when the wind turbine brakes, the current is very small, avoiding large current impacting the generator;
1.3.3: The wind turbine brakes automatic recovery;
1.3.4: If the battery is off, the wind turbine will automatic brake, preventing the wind turbine no-load
1.3.5: The wind turbine speed detection protection,聽 automatic brake protection to prevent the wind turbine speeding



Technical Parameter:

Wind/solar Hybrid power-supply system
parameter name Range of values
The system rated voltage 12V/24V
Solar rated Power 150W/12V锛 *2/24V
Wind turbine rated Power 400W/600W/12V/24V
Wind turbine brake recovery time 30 minutes
Overpressure protection voltage 16.5V/12V锛 *2/24V
Full charge voltage 14.5V/12V锛 *2/24V
Charge return voltage 13.5V/12V锛 *2/24V
Over-discharge recovery voltage 12.1V/12V锛 *2/24V
Over-discharge protection voltage 11.0V/12V锛 *2/24V
The coefficient of battery charging temperature compensation 4mV/鈩/2V
The range of battery charging temperature compensation -30锝65鈩
Type of load LED light, Low pressure sodium lamp, Promise Light, etc.
Single road load maximum output current 10A
Load output mode Normally on銆乴ight control銆乼ime control
Light control sensitivity threshold 1锝3V/12V 聽 聽 *2/24V
No-load loss 鈮25mA
Working environment temperature 锛20锝烇紜55鈩
Storage environment temperature 锛30锝烇紜65鈩
The range of working humidity 35锝85%RH锛坣o condensation 锛
altitude in use 鈮5500 M
Shell size 160mm*147mm*60mm
Shell material Blue of pure aluminum
Heat-dissipating method Natural cooling

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